Best in Show

Best in Show



“Best in Show” allows our patrons to rate their top-three favorite artists at each event- bringing out the art critic in just about anyone! Patrons can pick up their ballot at the entrance or at art sales and then explore the gallery hunting down their favorites!

The top three artists voted best in show will be awarded prizes from participating sponsors that support the artist’s creative endeavors! At the same time, patrons will be entered into a drawing to win prizes too! It’s a win/win situation!

A very special thank you to the following “Best in Show” Sponsors from our February 2014 event “I Art You” : Daily Dose Cafe, Fusicology, Zip Sushi, and Angel City Brewery. These companies generously supplied prizes for our top three artists and three of our lucky patrons!

The “Best in Show” winners from “I Art You” in February 2014 are:

First Place: Todd Moyer
Second Place: Laura Velkei
Third Place: Sweetieboosh

We would also like to congratulate the following patrons:

Adrian Valle

Michele Wells

Chris Williams


Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to hearing from you at future events when we once again ask the question, “Who will be Best in Show?”


Hall of Fame Best in Show Winners

November 2013 – “Dreams” : Dcypher/Jeremy Crabtree

May 2013 – “Constellations” : Adam Greener

November 2012 – “Magnetic” : Anthony Jegu

April 2012 – “Snap Flash” : Sven Dreesbach

February 2011 – “I Art You” : Curtis Brooks

July 2011 – “Stop:Pause:Now” : Christina Angelina

April 2011 – “Rise” : Diane Giannopulos

April 2010 – “Vitalize” : Brooke Shaden

December 2009 – “Infinity” : Michelle Nielson

September 2009 – “Snap Flash” : Brion Topoloski

June 2009 – “Build” : Greg Boudreau

March 2009 – “Wisdom Within Us” : Liz Brizzi

December 2008 – “Lucky 7” : Tony Hong

September 2008 – “AMP” : Patrick Haemmerlein