Urban Scrawl: 001: Prelude to a Blog

Urban Scrawl: 001: Prelude to a Blog

Urban Scrawl: Shana Nys Dambrot

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m going to drop my first post in early April, but Create:Fixate and I thought you might like a few words about to expect on this page, and what not to expect, and perhaps a bit about who I am for anyone not familiar. I’m an art critic and I publish a culture magazine. I have formal Art History training, and sometimes I nerd out on it in mid-length and short-form exhibition reviews and features; but I also have a broader pop-culture mandate at Flavorpill, where I write about art as well as music, architecture, film, theater, dance, and assorted indie randomness in capsules of about 100 words each, daily.

What you won’t see here are those efforts replicated. It’s not a reviews page, not really, it’s not a calendar-picks page, and it’s not a social column either. It’s me getting back to my academic roots, when I discussed the effect of electric-light installation and immigration on nighttime photography in pre-War New York, or the socio-economic circumstances that confronted Courbet and dictated his formal choices far more than stylistic fashions. I miss taking the time and attention to craft longer-form essays/think-pieces that might weave together disparate threads from history, imagination, criticism, and experience to illuminate larger cultural themes. Of course, I do have fantastic adventures, and I am damn hilarious, so I can’t promise there won’t be any comedy…

Every ten days starting on or about 4.8.10, I’ll be posting a freshly-hewn, topical piece (with pictures), composed from the near-magic, zeitgeisty patterns that present themselves to me continually as I move through this incredibly vibrant, salient, surprising city, looking. The first installment will examine the new exhibition of Leonardo’s sculptures at the Getty, in the context of some fairly scandalous trends in US/Canadian/global Leonardo scholarship. I have a scoop, and a fabulous secret guest expert. I told you I was a nerd.

Cheers, SND

For anyone who’d like more details about my background, here’s a short bio. Sorry about the 3rd person, it is a little precious I admit, but it’s the Official Version.

Shana Nys Dambrot is an art critic, curator, and author based in Los Angeles. Her reviews, features, and interviews have appeared in regional, national, international and online publications including Artkrush, Flavorwire, Modern Painters, Art Review, Artweek, Art Ltd, ARTnews, Whitehotmagazine, The Believer, tema celeste, Angeleno, Art Asia Pacific, FABRIK, Coagula, and Juxtapoz; as well as special exhibition books and catalogs. She is currently the LA Managing Editor at Flavorpill. A more or less complete account of her publications, public appearances, and curatorial projects lives at sndx.net. And yes, she’s on Facebook.