Create:Fixate is known for presenting an eclectic musical journey serving as the soundtrack throughout each art show. We encourage DJs and musicians from different genres to submit there original music and DJ mixes for consideration to be featured at a Create:Fixate event.

Submission guidelines and formats accepted are:
– Please include a Short bio
– Website urls with streaming music
– Downloadable music
– CDs

Email to:  music(at)createfixate(dot)com

*** Please note ***
Even though we accept submissions on a rolling basis, we only review art work once every 3 months. Due to the amount of submissions received, we are unable to reply to everyone. If you do not hear from us within 6 months then it may mean that your art or music did not fit the curatorial direction of the art shows at that time. We encourage you to re-submit after 6 months or if you have a new body of work to be considered.