Staff & Board of Directors

Staff & Board of Directors


… Staff …

Michelle Berc: Executive Program Director, Curator, Event Producer
Michelle Berc’s unlimited creative endeavors include making art, shooting photography, curating art shows, producing electronic music, and creating the graphic design for the organization. Michelle also works with private art collectors, interior designers, and real estate agents through her boutique art consulting agency “Art Angeles.” She has termed herself as an ‘Art Stylist,’ specializing in finding the perfect artistic energy to accent the decor of any interior. Her most recent passion has been exploring the world of sound healing and has recently earned a certification in the field. Who knew that her background from working in the music video and commercial industry would lead to an amazing journey through the arts in all its forms, but now looking back, it all kind of makes sense since she has been driven all her life to understand the human energetic experience. By assisting innovative new artists, Michelle’s goal is to encourage the general public to look upon Create:Fixate as a venue to discover emerging talent and be inspired by these artists and their work.

Andrea Giardina: Music Coordinator
Andrea Giardina aka DJ AquaVee has been with Create:Fixate from day one. She is the Music & Education Coordinator and Resident DJ for Create:Fixate, as well as a teacher with LAUSD. As Education Chair for Create:Fixate, Andrea organizes seminars and plans programs that involve art/music and youth. Andrea has a B.A. in Psychology & Holistic Health and M.A. in Education in addition to her multiple subject teaching credential.

Winston M. Secrest: Young Creatives Studio Art Coordinator
Winston M. Secrest fits in with the Create:Fixate family perfectly. He has worked with youth programs since he was a youth himself. His endeavors of working with children commenced while he was still in high school; volunteering at a youth summer camp in Big Bear CA. Since then, Winston has worked in the education field for over 10 years and has been involved in a wide variety of non-for-profit programing. His experience spans across working in the administrative department as well as being a daily youth instructor. He has held the title of regional director for LAUSD’s anti-tobacco campaign, been a lead guide for week-long hiking and rock climbing trips with inner city youth as well as a local daily leadership counselor and PE instructor. As an artist himself, he has shown with C:F and has seen what a wonderful program C:F has developed. He is very excited to be the new director of the Young Creatives Program currently in residency at A Place Called Home.

Charles Williams: Young Creatives Spoken Word Coordinator
Charles Williams is the Spoken Word/Poetry Director for Create:Fixate.  He has been writing and performing poetry for twenty years and has taught youth writing and performance poetry workshops throughout the U.S.  His workshops instruct and help students with finding their voice, writing techniques and performance strategies.

Charles attended Howard University and received his bachelors in English and communications.  He is also an Emmy winning writer and producer, Spiritual Psychologist and hosts his own weekly artistic collective in Hollywood.

Baha Danesh – Associate Event Producer
bio coming soon

Trisha Hanudel – Development Director
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Miles Matthewson – Intern
Miles Mathewson is a wannabe scientist, documentarist, artist, archeologist, and everything that could fit in between. Recently graduating from Loyola Marymount with a multimedia major, he aspires to explore the world and immerse himself in cultures for knowledge he can use to start a non-profit of his own one day. Interning with Create:Fixate has been an incredible learning experience that has only strengthened this desire.

… Board of Directors …

Ted Werth: Growth Strategy Consulting: Chairman of the Board
Ted is a business consultant specializing in early stage companies ( He’s also a chronic entrepreneur with start-up experience in digital media, music and films, marketing services, and consumer goods companies. In his spare time, Ted plays guitar, enjoys logic puzzles, and builds blinky art.

James Slazas: Vice Chair
James Slazas has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. At Lehman Brothers where he managed a proprietary arbitrage book of derivative and structured products. While at Lehman Brothers, Slazas also created a Global Risk Management Group, encompassing the London, Swiss and Hong Kong banks. In addition, Slazas founded Global Life Underwriting, a mortality and life expectancy company. Recently, he has joined Med A-Z a fully integrated electronic health record (EHR), practice management, and billing solution for both physicians and hospitals in 2008 and currently serves as the COO. Slazas graduated from the University of Richmond, E. Claiborne School of Business and studied at Oxford University, Hertford College.

Henry Self: Treasurer: Music Committee
An associate at the entertainment litigation firm of Lavely & Singer PC in Los Angeles, Henry Self specializes in copyright and trademark law. He is also an electronic music DJ with more than 10 years of experience playing in clubs, at parties and on the radio.

Jonathan Daves: Strategy Consultant
Jonathan is a corporate strategy executive and early stage investor. He has held positions at firms including: Hallmark, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Platform Equity, and Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer (MGM). Jonathan holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Stanford University.

… Advisory Board …

Kevin Flint
Kevin Flint is an ex-corporate climber, former Marine, and currently a career artist, emphasizing sculpture, painting, and photography. He is the founder and host of the monthly Collab Project art salon, owner of the eclectic Dystopian Studios LLC, owner of LA Art Tours and a representative on the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council. He is also producer of numerous odd art, nightclub and charitable events in Southern California. He was once called a polymath, but disqualified himself from being one when he had to look the word up in the dictionary. His hobbies include wandering strange corners of LA without purpose, building the improbable, and writing about himself in the 3rd person.

Dale Youngman
Dale Youngman is an art curator, fine art dealer and writer working to facilitate the flow of art in Los Angeles. Her fascination with the local art scene prompted her to open a gallery in the center of Downtown LA’s Gallery Row while it was still a controversial area. As the galleries began multiplying and the crowds grew, so did her love and knowledge of the exploding Los Angeles art scene.

As her gallery became more popular, and artists began seeking her out for exhibitions, she discovered that her love of art extended to a love of artists. She began a regular column for called “Daley’s Weekly,” where she covered art and artists featured in the burgeoning downtown art neighborhoods. She continues writing about art today for Fabrik Magazine and Cartwheel Art. The gallery also facilitated the start of her own art collection, which now features over a dozen local artists. Handling marketing, PR and submissions for several established artists, she also shops for a select group of art collectors, and produces independent guest curatorial projects at various galleries, charity benefits, special events, and underground venues.

Bios Coming soon:
Robin Nixon
Tomas Verde aka Red Dot Man
Angela So
Kevin Flint


… Hall of Fame Contributors …

Theresa Behdjet:  Art Sales Manager
Theresa Behdjet has been a big fan of Create:Fixate for several years and was inspired to get involved. She has worked in product marketing for several years and plans to use her experience to help Create:Fixate partner with businesses and organizations in the community. Reaching out to people otherwise unfamiliar with Create:Fixate and working with them to get excited about supporting local artists is a major goal. I’ll be working with the Marketing and Event Production committee to publicize our events and get our supporters involved.

Shana Nys Dambrot – Art Critic
Shana Nys Dambrot is an art critic, curator, and author based in Los Angeles. Her reviews, features, and interviews have appeared in regional, national, international and online publications including Artkrush, Flavorwire, Modern Painters, Art Review, Artweek, Art Ltd, ARTnews, Whitehotmagazine, The Believer, tema celeste, Angeleno, Art Asia Pacific, FABRIK, Coagula, LA Canvas, and Juxtapoz; as well as special exhibition books and catalogs. A more or less complete account of her publications, public appearances, and curatorial projects lives at And yes, she’s on Facebook.

Jonathan Tavss: Business and Marketing Consultation
After years working production and development of Television and Film properties for different companies, Jonathan made the jump to the internet and, ultimately, started his own Media Consulting firm. Teaming primarily with entertainment companies and ad agencies on brand extension, digital marketing campaigns and general business systems, Jonathan has been able to put his broad experience to use. Luckily, he is able to devote much of his time to volunteering in such capacities as; Board Member for Create:Fixate, Co-Chair for the Boston University Alumni Club of Los Angeles, Advisor for BBYO and more. He also enjoys fostering his ever-growing collection of art.

Jason Elias: Photography Guest Curator
Jason Elias is an accomplished photographer, lighting director, and writer living in Venice, California. He shoots commercially, works editorially on assignment and runs a Travel Photography workshop business. Jason has been a contributing editor at American Photo Magazine where he has written about photography, lighting, and travel. His corporate and editorial clients include, House of Blues, SBC, Disney, Rolling Stone and NEED Magazine. Jason also curates the all photography show every summer and has been working with Create:Fixate since its inception.

Major Contributors, Volunteers, and Interns:
A very special thank you to the following past and present major contributors, volunteers, artists, and interns to our arts organization and the Create:Fixate community:

Lynn Hasty, Lauren Pierini, Erika Hoyle, Liz Mijares, Sonia Ricci, Ando Pndlian, Ashton, Trajillo, Tomas Verde, Andre Freimann, Rebecca Darke, Elizabeth Greenway, Anthony Plamondon, Dani Lindstrom, Julie Rassmusen, Jonathan Obera, Cat Lambertini, Mike Russek, Vanyo, Eric Tucker, Jubal, Dayvid Iannaci, Brady Westwater, Andrea LaHue, John Tejada, Michael Hayden, Hope Hunter, Monica Loya, Christianne Ray, Luis Diaz, Mariana Boctor, Vanessa Schreiber, Christine Cover, Kenneth Graham, Juan Benavides, Chantell Durelli, Michael Rababy, Luc Lestemeeker, Matthew Swanlund, Ted VanCleave, Jedi, Treiops Treyfid, Neil Simon Poyuzina, Patrick Haemmerlein, Brandy Flower, Liza Richardson, Lucas Dodson, Premiere Events, Ross McFarlane, Mark Ferem, Wei Weng, The Berc Family, Rebecca Crandall, Ashton Trujillo, Janell Grace, Adam Freeland, Force Field Sound, Distant Beat, Fabrik Magazine, Keshot, LA Weekly, Flavorpill, Shana Nys Dambrot , PD Rabbit, Insurenex, Rajal Pitroda, Jeremy Sole, Raul Campos, Leif Maginnis, and many more as we will update this section quite often!