Create:Fixate has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines such as Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Angeleno, Los Angeles Downtown News, LA Weekly, Los Angeles City Beat, URB and BPM. It has also appeared on KTLA News and radio stations KCRW and KXLU.


“Create: Fixate “Constellations” drew over 1,200 people who experienced some of the freshest and best art in LA, exposing talent in a professional, non-traditional gallery environment. Held quarterly, Create:Fixate attracts and cultivates a new generation of art lovers, as well as inspiring and stimulating the experienced collector”.
(, June 2013)


“Michelle Berc doesn’t just curate art exhibits; she plans art “events,” where up to 1,500 people are immersed in hours of music and 10,000 square feet of creativity…. “It’s much more festive than a regular art show because there’s so much going on and a lot to explore,” said Berc, who aims to showcase artists in an environment as creative as they are.”
(Downtown News, March 3, 2008)

“The vibe alters every few hours at Create:Fixate, shifting like a hologram with the moods and priorities of the guests. After 9, it gets thicker and noisier with patrons who fortify themselves with culture and a couple of cocktails… ”
(Sunday Styles, The New York Times May 30, 2004)



“… had you been on the right e-mail lists, you could have gone to the Optical Lounge and Audio Lab, a bimonthly event thrown by Michelle Berc and her group Create:Fixate …you could have talked to…any number of exquisite specimens representing every sensibility… all of this while perusing some very good photography and found-object sculpture…”
(Calendar Weekend Los Angeles Times Thursday, April 3, 2003)

“The new LA art scene is now spicier than ever with a communal push from Create:Fixate (CF), a grass-roots organization that stands by the motto, “Dedicated to elevating the importance and accessibility of art and music.” Breaking the mold of the rigid past, CF focuses on a fresh generation of artists that are as varied as Angelenos themselves.”
(944 Magazine, February 2007)



















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