“I’ve been honored to be an artist that Create:Fixate has helped by showing my art over this past year. Their commitment and dedication to their mission and relationship with artists is a great asset to the artists of Los Angeles. I know that they have helped me become better In my organization and business, which for a creative person cam be difficult. I don’t know what the art world in Los Angeles would be like without an organization like Create:Fixate, and I hope it only grows.”

– Tracy Sagalow

“The best part of signing on with Create:Fixate compilation was that, after working with more rigid labels, it was so nice to work with people who were actually interested in ART and CREATIVITY rather than what would fit in best with current fads. They let me be creative, imagine that!!!”

– Rithma (Om Records)

“Create Fixate’s 7 Year Anniversary Show was my first L.A. art exhibit ever and I’m grateful for Michelle and the rest of the Create:Fixate team for allowing me to participate in such a well run show. Because of that show, in only two short years, I’ve had over seven more shows/auctions including two solos, features in three nationwide magazines, and an ipod case sold nationally in Target. In the art world I’ve learned that it only takes one. One show, one person, and one opportunity to potentially lead to a wealth of opportunities. The subsequent experience and exposure has been nothing I could ever imagine. Thanks, Create Fixate; wish I could repay somehow!”

-Tony Hong

“Attending Create:Fixate has been a favorite event of mine for over six years. It epitomizes the dynamic LA art scene. Participating as an artist has taken it to a whole new level. It’s expanded my audience and strengthened my overall (“DAKshots”) brand. Selling three pieces last time around, despite the recession, was quite satisfying!”


“Create:Fixate went above and beyond for me during the ‘Build’ show in the summer of 2009. I was getting married on the same day as the exhibition and Michelle and her team helped me to show with them event though I was otherwise engaged. I was pleased that they sold a number of pieces for me. It was also an honor to show alongside other artists of such a high caliber and I always look forward to their professionalism, their creative vision, and their consistently successful shows”.

All the best,
Amy Bernays

“Create:FIxate has helped my abstract painting reach a larger, more diverse audience. Their events are unique and engaging, the ideal setting to view my work as well as the many other painters, photographers, sculptors, and musicians. It’s a party every time!”

-David Phillips

“It’s been an honor to be associated with such an enthusiastic and diverse organization as create:fixate. Michelle Berc creates a nurturing and diverse space for artists of many disciplines to continue to create and share their work in a fun and accessible environment. los angeles is better place because of create:fixate”.

– Michael Rababy
humanist / street photographer

“Any artist that has shown a lot around LA knows that the level of quality in group shows varies greatly. Over the years, I have learned to count on Michelle and the Create Fixate team to produce shows of the highest caliber in quality and professionalism. It has been an honor to be a part of the Create:Fixate events, and a privilege to be exposed to the sophisticated clientele that they draw.”

– Max Neutra

“Jens Lucking hasn’t left the house without his camera since his tenth birthday. Having shot for various projects around the globe for the past 27 years his work has owned him a string of awards in his home of choice, London, as well as a number of exhibitions in the capital; including a couple of group shows at the National Portrait Gallery. So when he relocated to California earlier this year he was very happy for his imagery to be included in the 2009 “SnapFlash” Create:Fixate 6th Annual All Photography Show. This led to another exhibition in Santa Monica already confirmed for the end of the year and Jens is looking forward to working on more events with Create:Fixate in the near future.”

– Jens Lucking