City Beat : Dress, Draw, Dance : January 2004

City Beat : Dress, Draw, Dance : January 2004


CityBeat, January 1-7, 2004

1/2 Year In Review

Dress, Draw, Dance

Create:Fixate, ( may be the most popular of the live art, fashion show, and DJ “happenings” that popped up like prairie dogs throughout the city in 2003, but it’s far from the only one worth attending, Occupying nightclubs, galleries, and lofts, these one-night-only events provided local artisans an opportunity to show their wares in an environment with a good beat you can dance to. Cutting the pretension further, cover charges were low. So next time you get the chance, go celebrate our local talent. In the creative mix of underground cultures and big dreamers, you may well spot the “next big thing.” (Rebecca Epstein)